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Royal Living Residence - Overall Rating Excellent  (5.7 from 6)

Royal Villen starting at 50 Euro per Person

All Villas  in this blooming tropical paradise have perfect seaview. They are standing in a halfcircle  around the  beautifull designed pool ( of 13 to 18 m ) and the long peacefull  sandy  beach. As there are no big Hotels around, You can enjoy the unspoiled and undisturbed  relaxing atmosphere of the  warm and healthy- always soft blowing- breeze  from the  warm sea…  after a few days here You will forget everything that is called “Burnout”.

This stunning view , the long strolls along the beach, the warm water of pool and sea, the  sea-breeze and afterwards a relaxing  Wellness - Thai – and Oilmassage, in the privacy of Your own terrace , will recharge Your  personal life-generator again for the coming  months…

 Inside the  original Ayutaya –Style-Villas you can enjoy the finest of  handmade Thai furniture  combined with the highest standard of western amenities and comfort  and safety in a spacious and luxurious Ambiente.

The  very individual Villas one and eight are especially privileged as they are located direct only eight meters away from  the  beach.

Some Villas (further back) in the halfcircle  have an additional  Moonshine terrace.with a small Jaccuzzi on top


All Royal Living Villas have two separate bedrooms with bathrooms ensuite (Masterbedroom with a Kingsize bed , second bedroom with a double bed and a single bed) . Another extrabed in a romantic niche in the livingarea invites to rest or to relax .( so the Villas offer enough space for up to six  visitors ).

The typical Thaistyle-furnished , spacious dining / living area  is separated from the kitchen by an decorative wooden American- bar with  three bar stools.  The total  living space of the  Villas  is at least 185 sqm  


The kitchen  is well equipped  for six guests, with a large refridgerator with deepfreeze, all neccessary cooking facilities with gas and electricity. Blender, Toaster, Coffee machine, Waterheater, Microwave… ..are normal standards…( if You sometimes like the idea of  cooking Yourself, so dont worry , our daily roommaid service will clean the dishes every day! Our  Royal Living - cooking-specialist Khanitha can, if we know it in advance, even teach You how to cook  tasty and healthy Thai dishes in Your own kitchen!..

So You  can follow Your own ideas and stomache dreams  and  enjoy the finest  home-made Thai food inside the comfort of  our original Thai Villas ,combined with the highest standard of western amenities and comfort.

Naturally You can also dine outside our Resort  in several  smaller and bigger  -inexpensive- Restaurants in short walking distance along the beach or along the street……)

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Royal Living in Paradise

Your holidayhome can also upgrade to Your permanent residence. Simply enjoy in Your future the higher lifequality and the wellbeing on or close to the beach below the palms surrounded by friendly people.... Come and see Yourself : travel to Koh Samui!